Who are we?

Elise Fayre emerged from a core desire to create mindfully designed womenswear, infused with beauty, consciousness, craftsmanship and quality. 

How often do we come across clothing that is extremely comfortable, with a beautiful silhouette and made using fabrics that are breathable and safe? Clothing that is aesthetically pleasing, made ethically and relatively accessible? Transcending seasons, timeless, versatile, durable; clothing that will last years?

The commonly accepted norm is that the most accessible and readily available garments are mass produced in the name of fast fashion, crafted using synthetics and unnatural blends, that are uncomfortable, too tight, too short or too long, too revealing…and the list goes on.

Why Elise Fayre?

Purposeful, mindful and conscious; from design to delivery.

Carefully curated earthy colour palettes.

Embellishments made using natural finds, hand sewn individually by Artisans - no plastic.

All of this matters.

The end result extends beyond a beautiful garment. Our team of workers are respected, our impact on the environment is minimised, and our consumers are able to wear mindfully created conscious pieces, which are safer than mainstream alternatives.