Every garment is conceptualised and designed in-house in London. We source fabrics from various locations, as every part of the world has something uniquely different to offer to each of our collections. We then work with women led production units in China and India, who create our designs. 

We are privileged and grateful to be able to work with artisans who have mastered their craft, utilising skills that have been passed down through multiple generations. We value and honour their craft, and seek to preserve their living history through supporting their artistry.

It is incredibly important that those involved in our production process are paid a fair living wage. For this reason, we choose to work with those that can confirm this and ensure a high degree of transparency, be it presence onsite or the disclosure of particular information.

Elise Fayre uses high quality, naturally derived materials. Our brand promise is to ensure that by 2024 all of our materials have clear traceability to verify that sustainable practices can be confirmed in regards to the full process involved. We are working towards all of our materials being produced as part of a closed loop production process. 

All of our materials, woven labels, packaging, and tags are plastic free and often made using recycled materials. As we progress, we aim to increase the use of recycled materials, dead-stock, biodegradable fabrics, non-plastic buttons and ensure the life cycle of our products satisfy necessary standards.