Whether it be cosy two-piece sets, or co-ord-sets perfect for layering, our natural knitwear collection has something for everyone, and, best of all, guarantee comfort at all times.

Crafted with ethical, sustainable cotton, wool, and natural blends, you can wear any of our natural knitwear products with confidence that they are breathable, therefore allowing you to be as cosy as possible without any concerns. A great example of this is our sand knitted kimono set is made from our softest knit fabric: 50% cotton and 50% wool, allowing for both flexibility, comfort, and softness, alongside a durability that will see both the crew neck and trousers that belong in this modest loungewear set stand the test of time in your wardrobe due to their high quality. The relaxed fit of this natural knitwear, paired with the kimono sleeve silhouette and a flowing wide leg ensures that you will be as comfortable as possible, allowing you to be warm in style when it’s cold outside! 

Another wide-legged look in our natural two-piece sets collection comes with our dove grey soft knit set, boasting a soft grey hue, producing a look of both neutrality and stylistic awareness. Our structured double-knitted neckline also offers a chic edge to the jumper, boasting versatility, easily paired as a neutral staple to compliment a bold statement trouser, for example. With a relaxed fit, our natural 2 piece sets are made from a mixed blend (60% cotton, 40% viscose), which perfectly compliment our minimal seam design. The result? Ultra-comfort! Our loungewear offers a balanced compromise between warmth and cosiness, and breathable, loose-fitting clothes that will avoid digging in, or proving to be too tight or suffocating. 

For those seeking knitwear sets with layering in mind, look no further than our ecru textured 3-piece co-ord set! Whether worn accumulatively as a three-piece, or individually as part of an external look, the boundaries are endless with these natural knitwear items. With intricate stitch detailing, all items reflect our meticulous attention to detail, resulting in a one-of-a-kind look of the upmost quality. The cropped crewneck jumper – one of our most classic knitwear jumpers - would look great alongside a pair of jeans for a casual look, whilst the long cardigan is the ultimate way to wrap yourself up and feel cosy after a long day, proving to be a great natural loungewear item. Our trousers, made from a wool-cotton blend are proven to be a great choice for comfort all day long, with an elasticated waist offering an extra dimension of ease for the wearer. 

Between wearing our knitwear sets collectively, or as individual items, our co-ord sets offer many new dynamics to your wardrobe, whilst maintaining their guarantee of warmth and comfort. Paired with the reputable quality of our collection, our eco knitwear will help you to enjoy our ultra-comfortable knitwear for years to come!  

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