Top Tips for Gearing up Towards a More Sustainable Lifestyle

Top Tips for Gearing up Towards a More Sustainable Lifestyle

Sometimes treating yourself to a new outfit can be tainted with ethical alarm bells. Are your new purchases posing a threat to the environment? Are you endorsing the use of harmful production practices? Will your new clothes be of a high quality and be able to be worn for years to come? We can reassure you that Elise Fayre are a prime example of an eco-friendly online clothing store. With us you can have peace of mind when shopping and enjoy your new clothes devoid of guilt or unanswered questions. 

An ethos to embody when it comes to dressing sustainably is investing in quality over quantity. Elise Fayre value materials of the highest quality, stemming from ethical origins, as well as priding ourselves on an elite craftmanship which will guarantee quality in each and every one of our designs. Rather than purchasing something at a lower price point as a quick fix, our products are made with quality and care, resulting in items which will outlive a mass produced, in terms of durability, and in the sense of timeless style. When it comes to purchasing our products, you can enjoy your clothes with knowledge of their origins, sustainable qualities, and their unique standpoint as one of very few items with a core focus on women’s ethical fashion

For instance, our showstopping Black Ruffle Maxi Dress is a versatile choice for any wearer when it comes to women’s occasion wear.

When wearing this elegant dress, with the unique design feature of blouson sleeves and a flattering silhouette drawn from its fitted waist, you will enjoy maximum comfort due to its 100% crafting from cotton. Not only will this be more comfortable than mass-produced, cheaper counterparts, but will also boost your conscience, with the knowledge that your dress is a friend, and not a foe, to our planet.

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