Practical, breathable and comfortable wardrobe staples

Practical, breathable and comfortable wardrobe staples

With summer fast approaching, the necessity for breathable clothing is steadfastly becoming something we need to resolve. Look no further, Elise Fayre are here to help with our eco-friendly online clothing store, full of ethical sustainable women’s clothing to ensure you are as comfortable as possible during the warm seasons with staple pieces you’ll depend upon for years to come. 

At Elise Fayre, women’s ethical fashion is at the forefront of every item we design and sell. Our vast selection of women’s maxi dresses are the perfect choice for anyone wishing to dress modestly amidst the summer months. For instance, our Olive Wide Sleeve Maxi Dress is the ultimate choice when trying to embody a relaxed, yet elegant look. Not only do the tiered sleeves on this dress boast a sweeping, graceful design element, but also allow for breathability for the wearer, providing a reprieve from the tyranny of tight, sweat-inducing materials.

Crafted from lightweight rayon, not only will you physically feel the comfortable benefits, but you’ll also have peace of mind knowing that your dress has been ethically created. This is just one dress amongst our large collection of online maxi dresses, all of which will prove themselves to be a reliable wardrobe staple.  

If you are seeking a dress which is slightly shorter than a maxi dress, why not consider our online midi dresses? Whilst still guaranteeing comfort and breathable qualities through their loose-fitting, sweeping silhouettes, our midi dresses typically reach the shin of the wearer, therefore allowing a gentle breeze to sweep your legs and cool you down. Our Pink Textured Loose Fit Cotton Midi Dress does just this, as well as arming you with a dusky blush staple which will instantly add a feminine touch of colour to any look.


And, even better, all of these looks demonstrate women’s ethical fashion, whilst making you feel like the best version of yourself.

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