Whether it’s warm jumper, co-ord sets, or modest loungewear, our natural knitwear collection has covered all bases when it comes to keeping warm. To make things better, all of our eco knitwear collection is sustainably sourced and crafted, thus proving to be a worthwhile investment, to be enjoyed for years to come. 

For instance, our stone waffle knit set is the perfect choice for those seeking a natural loungewear wardrobe staple, with its timeless soft cotton blend crafted into a uniquely intricate texture, simultaneously offering a sleek, contemporary edge. Whether it be for a casual night in, or running errands with comfort, this is certainly a great natural knitwear choice with endless versatility. This modest loungewear also embodies a slightly oversized silhouette, in a refined and subtle sense, offering a look of sophistication alongside maintaining the desired comfort of loungewear due to its loose fit. 

If you’re looking for something in our natural knitwear collection with autumnal undertones, our rust soft knit co-ord set epitomises cosiness, whilst maintaining its stylistic qualities. Ribbed details, paired with a high neck knitted jumper boast sophistication and refinement.  This quintessentially bridges the gap between loungewear and casual clothing, whilst maintaining an image of modest knitwear. As one of our natural 2 piece sets, the rust soft knit co-ord offers a plethora of styling methods, whether it be wearing the natural loungewear as a set, guaranteeing comfort and warmth, or alternatively, both the high neck knitted jumper and wide leg trousers could be styled individually with other items. The wide legged trousers, for instance, would look great with a tight-fitted shirt, offering a fresh smart-casual, natural knitwear look, whilst our jumper could be paired with almost anything, whether it be a pair of jeans, or tailored trousers, for example. 

The boundaries are endless when it comes to our knitwear collection. With responsibly sourced materials, crafted ethically, opting for one of our natural co-ords will prove to be a great investment to be styled in many different ways. Ultimately, you are not only investing in a sustainable, eco knitwear product with an ethical initiative but are also treating yourself to a range of natural knitwear clothing staples that will offer you many wardrobe solutions. And, to make things better, our collection’s neutral palette ensures that our natural knitwear will bear timeless qualities, thus standing tall against an influx of fresh new trends or looks, all whilst keeping you warm and comfortable in natural 2 piece sets during the colder months.

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