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Elise Fayre is a small, contemporary British brand built out of a great love for beautiful, elegant, and timeless design. We have over 15 years experience in the industry and pride ourselves on being able to produce tasteful and classic ready-to-wear, made-to-order and bespoke garments for a wide range of occasions.


Before Elise Fayre was born, we struggled to find garments on the market that met our needs. We were seeking well designed, well crafted, modest occasion-wear and bridal gowns that would stand the test of time, but had both accessible price-points and a story. It occurred to us that the luxury of having these factors combined in a garment was reserved for only the very premium market.

So, we decided to combine our years of expertise in the industry and build a brand that provides an alternative to mainstream occasion-wear.


In a world of low-quality fast-fashion and a throw-away culture, we are striving to create garments that contribute to a more ethical lifestyle, and this starts right at the beginning of the design process. From the moment pen is put to paper, we’re making sure that we’re creating a vision that stands the test of time. Our fabrics are chosen carefully to ensure that the integrity of the design is sustained, and we produce minimal quantities of our clothing to ensure that we’re not creating waste en mass. Perhaps most importantly, our small team here in the UK work on a fair trade basis with private creatives, local communities and small family run production units around the world, including ateliers here in London to produce garments with a story. We do this, striving to keep a beautiful form of Art alive, whilst investing in local communities through income generation opportunities.

Our mixed heritages have also played an integral part in fashioning the story of Elise Fayre. Our fascination with the traditions and artistic prowess of our respective heritages form the foundation of our unique fusion designs, which we’ve carefully woven together to produce beautiful, intricate embroidery and classic, contemporary silhouettes.


Since our launch in the Spring of 2018, we have had the pleasure of producing our garments for clients around the world, who have been seeking the very same thing.